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    Hang Ning purification equipment

    Suzhou Heng Cheong Purification Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in air conditioning, purification equipment technology development and application of professional and technical company Suzhou purification equipment. Business scope covers aviation, aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, IT, pharmaceutical, biological products, fine chemicals, veterinary drugs, hospitals, clean operating rooms, blood banks and food, beer, beverages, cosmetics and other fields of steel purification doors. The company set scientific research, production in one, with the above industry supporting a variety of air-conditioning, purification products; design, manufacture, installation of large-scale integrated air-conditioning purification color plate, clean system engineering capacity, at the same time according to user requirements, Air conditioning, purification of non-standard products to meet the actual needs of users.

    Contact us

    Suzhou City Heng Cheong purification equipment Technology Co., Ltd

    Contact: Wu Zhenfang

    Tel: 13621578557

    Tel: 0512-63203759

    Website: www.z3331r.cn

    Address: Jinjiang Road, Lijiang Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City

    The main products are: steel purification doors, windows, color steel composite sandwich panels, group and air-conditioning boxes, laminar flow hood, air shower, cargo shower channel, efficient air outlet, cleaning table, medical table, clean Storage, cabinet, stainless steel transfer window, stainless steel table, stainless steel pool, etc .; purification of air-conditioning ancillary products are high efficiency filter, at, in effect filter, muffler (paragraph), multi-leaf control valve, Scattered air and stainless steel sealing doors and purification supporting hardware.

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